Establishing (((ASF))) has been a long process of discussion and maturing that began at World Council of Anthropological Associations meeting in Maynooth, Ireland in 2010. After Virginia Dominguez’s initial proposal, she took the lead on a Task Force, which elaborated our organizational Bylaws. After comprehensive discussion with all Task Force members, we decided to found the organization in Brazil. Naming it “Antropologos Sem Fronteiras” in Portuguese, with the initials “ASF” attended to our aim of being more inclusive (the same initials standing for the French, Spanish, Italian, and other translations) and avoiding confusion with AWB, a pro-apartheid organization in South Africa.

(((ASF))) is an independent non-profit organisation and global network of anthropologists established in 2013 with its main base in Brazil.

ASF connects groups seeking anthropological expertise with specialist anthropologists able to serve as critical readers, examiners, and reviewers of reports, documents and policies about which they may have substantial doubt draws on knowledge and experience acquired by anthropologists around the world

The ‘without borders’ appellation in (((ASF))) emphasizes our openness to people worldwide, whether they are located in the Global South or in the Global North, or living between both.  It also indicates the extent to which the expertise on which we draw is global and prefers not to be limited by the borders that politicians and others create to separate and indeed segregate portions of humanity from one another.

(((ASF))) can be contacted  via email or snail mail in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French (with potential for other language competency in the future).

(((ASF))) acts on a case by case basis, at no cost to the group seeking the assistance of (((ASF))), and will provide support within a reasonable period of time, dependent in part on the length of the report or document in question.

Email us in English at  antropologossemfronteiras.br@gmail.com

Email us in Portuguese at  asf.antropologos.sem.fronteiras@gmail.com